Ever since I can remember, from growing up as a small child in mid-state Maine, to walking around in the fields and woods of upstate New York, I have loved being outdoors.  With the Adirondack Mountain Park practically in my backyard, I love being able to take the canoe up to one of its many lakes and enjoy the beauty, serenity and peace of the mountains.  About 20 years ago, my grandmother handed me my first SLR camera, an old Minolta that was used for shooting weddings, and I was hooked!  Now I had the ability to photograph nature and landscapes, allowing me to share the imagery and feeling of being in remote and beautiful places.  Technology has come a long way since then, and I no longer shoot film, but the digital technology has helped to fuel my passion even more!  I primarily photograph in the Adirondacks, although I also love photographing in New England and traveling to many of the National Parks in the United States.  In 2016, I was able to travel to Yosemite National Park for the 100th Anniversary of the Park system!

In early 2017, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymph system.  With the support of family and friends, and my drive to get back to the outdoors, I was able to endure chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Now I am on the road to recovery and looking forward to capturing great images!

My goal is to capture the light, the essence of being in nature and to share that with the world.  I am currently working on a project to shoot all of the seasons in the Adirondacks and to create a calendar for next year.  I hope to see you out there!