Beecher Falls in Edinberg, NY

Today was a great day to be outside in the Southern Adirondack area. The air was crisp, but not biting cold. I decided that I had been putting off going to Beecher Falls long enough, so I took about a one hour ride to the location just North of Sacandaga Lake. The shoot location was just off the road, and there is a covered bridge just below the falls that is the only queenpost truss bridge in New York state. I wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to the water flow, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the falls were running pretty well!


There is a well placed wooden walkway that leads to the falls, and it is an easy decent down to the flat rocks around the falls to get in close. There are some beautiful icicle formations off to the side of the creek that catch my eye and I try to move down the falls to get a possible closer shot of the covered bridge downstream, but I am unable to get around the embankment with the icy conditions on the rocks.


I spent quite some time getting the shots I was looking for, and met a nice couple (Jean and Todd) from the area who were visiting the falls to get some pictures of their own. After giving a quick lesson on aperture and speed, I moved down to get some shots of the covered bridge and the falls through the window in the bridge.


Afterwards, it was time for a quick hot cup of coffee and the drive back to home. A great day to be out in the Adirondacks!

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