Making Mistakes and Lesson Learned

Camera Equipment

Camera Equipment

The whole time I was growing up, my parents would let me make my own mistakes. They would tell me that it was from my mistakes that I would learn my most important lessons. Well, now that I’m older, I continue to make mistakes, and hopefully I am learning from them. This was all too obvious on my recent family vacation to Mystic, Connecticut this past Summer.

The day before our trip, which is only a few hours away, I had researched where I wanted to get some great photos of the Atlantic coastline, lighthouses and possibly some night shots over the ocean. I made a list of the equipment I wanted to take with me, grabbed the right bag, packed all of the equipment into the bag, grabbed the tripod and my rain gear (just in case), and placed them in the middle of my office floor so I would be able to quickly grab them and load them into the family car in the morning. I left the camera to the side of the camera bag because I like to keep it in the front seat with me in case we see something worth pulling off the side of the road to take a photo of.

In the morning, the house is abuzz with everyone bringing down their luggage, pillows, food and other essentials. I grab my camera case and the tripod, my luggage and head down to the car to start loading. I then start loading everyone’s luggage and essentials into the car as well. The car appears to be busting at the seams, but everyone should be comfortable and ready to go. Last minute bathroom breaks, ensure the dog is taken care of before the dog sitter comes over, and we all jump into the family car to head out on our family excursion.

It’s a beautiful day, and we are having a lively conversation about the things we would like to see and do once we arrive. I drive for about 45 minutes before I get this sick feeling in my stomach. I feel like I forgot something…

Oh, no! I packed all of my equipment, but I left my camera lying on the office floor. I never went back in to get the camera! What a bonehead move. I tell my wife what I’ve done. “Do you want to go back and get it?”, she asks. I reply, “No, it doesn’t make sense at this point.”, and we continue on our way. As we journey on, I think of all the possible opportunities I had planned that were now just vapor because of one silly mistake.

What did I learn from this experience? Well, I know now that it probably makes better sense to pack the camera in the bag until I at least get it down to the car! Then, I can take the camera out and keep it up front with me as I journey on to my destinations. What about you? Have you ever done this type of move, or maybe made a photo “faux pas” that we can all learn from? Post a response and share. I’ll be glad to hear that I’m not the only one that makes mistakes!

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